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Does Urban Pothos sell potting soil?

We have a wide selection of soils for your plant needs. You can choose to purchase high-quality artisanal mixes perfect for any houseplant. We carry multiple small brands that are excellent.
Additionally, you may choose to mix up your own potting mixes at our Soil Bar where we have everything you need for creating high-quality potting mixes from scratch. Soil bar mixes are sold by weight.

Can you keep my spouse from knowing I bought more plants?

Probably not but we certainly won't say anything.

Can I return a plant after I've purchased it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returned plants or refund/ exchange plants. Once a plant is purchased, we have no way of knowing what happened to that plant or in what conditions the plant was kept when it left our shop. However, if you have a problem with your plant (pests, disease, fungal) within 7 days of purchasing, we will gladly replace the plant with one of equal value. After this period of time, we do not accept returns and do no issue exchanges or refunds for plants.

When should I repot my plant?

It's all about the roots when it comes to repotting. There is no set time or timeline for repotting. It is completely dependent upon your plant's roots. If you start to notice roots coming out the bottom of the pot, then it is time to repot. If you pull your plant out of its pot and notice tons of roots, some might even wrap around the root ball, then it's time to repot. If your plant's soil mix seems to no longer hold water or you notice your plant's leaves are yellowing unexpectedly, it might be time to repot.

How many Urban Pothos locations are there?

We have two locations for your shopping experience. One is located in Downtown Raleigh at 704 W Peace Street. The other is located in Raleigh Iron Works at 1101 E Whitaker Mill Rd Suite 122.

Can I re-pot my plants at Urban Pothos?

While we sell everything you need to repot your plants, you cannot repot them at any Urban Pothos location. We do offer a repotting service though...let us do the work for you.

What plants are pet-friendly?

As a rule, the vast majority of houseplants are slightly toxic to dogs and cats. If you have pets, you should definitely avoid lilies of every kind. As for plants that are pet-friendly, there are plenty of options including peperomias, calatheas, marantas, and pilea. At Urban Pothos, we mark all pet-friendly plants with a little paw print so it's easy to figure out.

How often should I water my cactus?

For most cactus species, you want to water once a month. That's all they need. In their natural habitat they rarely receive rainfall and we want to try our best to replicate their habitat in our home. There are exceptions though. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cacti are all forest dwelling cacti and, as a result, require water more often.

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